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This is an audio-visual book! Which means each page has its own music and there are some cool animations!

A few things about this project:

Exquisite Cov is part of Coventry City of Culture 2021. It is a different take on the typical Exquisite Corpse but here the story is done by kids, with some help from grandparents or guardians, and their teachers. Its aim is to encourage collaboration between different generations through art.

The story is crazy so hold on for the ride! The older generation had to choose some words the children had to include in the book.


The first part of the book has been written by students from Moseley Primary School.


The second part, by students from Stivichall Primary School.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I had to complete the story myself.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to Fiona Lewis (Moseley), Carran Craig (Stivichall) Christopher Duff and City of Culture for making this possible and trusting me!

Make sure you press play under each page to hear the audios!
Page 0.jpg
Page 1 animated.gif
Page 2 animated.gif
Page 4.jpg
Page 5 animated.gif
Page 6 animated.gif
Page 8 (2).jpg
Page 11 animated.gif
Page 12.jpg
Page 13 animated.gif
Page 14 animated.gif
Page 15.jpg
Page 18 animated.gif
Page 19 animated-.gif
Page 20.jpg
Page 21 animated.gif
Page 22.jpg
Page 23 (2).jpg
Page 24 animated.gif
Page 25 (2).jpg
Page 26.jpg
Page 27.jpg
Page 28.jpg
Page 29.jpg
Page 30 animated.gif
Page 31.jpg



1st part written by Moseley Primary School students with help from their grandparents or guardians.

2nd part written by Stivichall Primary School students with help from their grandparents or guardians.

3rd part written by Claudia Eiroa


Illustrations and animations by Claudia Eiroa

Photographs used for textures:

Cassi Josh from Unsplash

Daniel Straub from Unsplash

Jordan from Unsplash

Artem Militonian from Unsplash

Francesco Ungaro from Unsplash

Music by Claudia Eiroa

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